Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A special gift pack!!

Hey the sleeping blogger is back.
This time I have used this suit length box as a gift box.
Not just that I have used the paper which was spare wallpaper left.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Shalini!!!

" Hey crafters!.. Welcome to our BIRTHDAY BLOG HOP for Shalini! :D
First of all we would all like to wish her a very very Happy Birthday!.. We wish you LOADS and LOADS of craftiness ahead! :)
And CONGRATULATIONS on making it to the ICR DT! :)

Now for the rules:
We have organized the blog hop to celebrate our dear crafter Shalini's { www.craftcurry.com} birthday. She has a unique style of crafting with amazing intricate detailed work on her projects.

So, all you have to do is HOP ALONG! :D
8) Yvonne { www.yyam.blogspot.com }

From the bottom of my heart I feel ..I am blessed to have met and and then been friends with you.Scrolling up(the time) we were complete strangers on the streets of CP and a week later from that...a TEAM!(ya including Spardha)
You have a very special place in my "heart". and I looob you for all the good times you gave me with you encouraging words!
I am lil silly to call/message/BBM whenever I need you regardless to time/day(I know I bug you). But honestly you are my eternal elder sis to whom I look upon for support and help all the time!
Thank you so much for all the Love + Guidance + Experience you gave me.

I sincerely wish that this day god shower everything that brings happiness to you!! And you call yourself truly BLESSED!!
Happy birthday Shalini!!!! Rock the day!! Have a blast!!!
Card should reach you soon :)

P.S.1-I waited for 15 minutes to post this since I was too excited to make this actually happen on my very BLOG(and schedules time was 11:30pm) and I was here since 11:15pm.And trust me the feeling of clicking PUBLISH POST was even more exciting than having your own BIRtHDAy :P

P.S. 2-I thank Khushboo to encourage me to be a part of BLOG HOP!!!looob u toooo!!!!!!

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