Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steps on the ice,I love to dance

I saw people standing by,I dnt want to miss the chance

I saw snow fall for the first time

The moment is just standstill,I love to dance.

Swing and stretch ,I am in love with myself

Steps on the ice,I love to dance


This is amazing that I have finally started blogging again.Yes I am a slow blogger and a complete taurean. Well year 2009 have been great so far.I just love the way my life is molding especially how I have been taking things.I have been into massive reading and watching movies( saw Butterfly effect some minutes back).Do'nt know what crossed my mind and I started blogging but I wanted each and everyone who is reading this blog to know that the only way to keep your live in the High state is to keep yourself happy.I know the environment keeps challenging us now and then but there are ways to over come it!
For me it is through my chants.Thanks to Buddhism I am a completely new person.

Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo