Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steps on the ice,I love to dance

I saw people standing by,I dnt want to miss the chance

I saw snow fall for the first time

The moment is just standstill,I love to dance.

Swing and stretch ,I am in love with myself

Steps on the ice,I love to dance


Deepika Gupta said...

hey its a good poem dear!! :)
keep writing..

nikita said...

hiiiiii dear i see ur blog this is really gud. i hav also a blog . this is www.netfandu.blogspot.com . i want link exchange wid u . if u interested . then plz contect me on me on blog's comments section

chhavi said...

Hey tahnks guys !!
I really appretaite ur effort of dropping by and reading my blog!!

erebus said...

Oh!! Perhaps, the apt reason for falling in love with oneself..
Well, I really felt the situation you wanted to portray through the post, in fact I was even hallucinating for a moment while reading the post.. great work!! keep writing!! :)

chhavi said...

Hey thanks..I am glad u cud comprehend with the situation I depicted in my poem!!!!!