Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sensei-Thank you!!!..Tisca Chopra's experience

Name : Tisca Chopra
Occupation: Actor

Good morning. I am Tisca Chopra, WD district chief from Andheri chapter Mumbai. I have been practicing for seven years. At that time, when my seniors told me that all prayers are answered in 7 years………I laughed, but as you can see they were right. I am here to report victory in all departments in this year of TOTAL SOKA VICTORY!! I was a failure as a film actor suffering from pessimism and depression, acute fears and doubts; I found it hard to believe any of the positive, hope filled things my seniors said. But I read all the Buddhist books I could lay my hands on, day & night and attended all possible meetings because I had nothing else to do. I was out of work and had no hope of finding any. In fact, I got into the habit of getting chucked out of projects. My husband and friends would often remark on how unlucky I was.

Slowly, I saw changes in my environment, small bits & pieces of work started trickling in and I noticed that I was getting an opportunity to become a better actress. I still really didn’t believe that this was the result of my practice, but I continued anyway.

Strangely enough I was made group chief and then block chief……I found it very hard to chant for others. Often I would quickly pray for my members and finish it off and then get to the fun part of long and fulfilling prayers for myself.

I felt like a total fraud at group and block meetings, living in fear that my members would find out that I was just talking the talk but couldn’t walk the walk.

On the home front, my husband would get a laugh out of my practice. He called it cult and a fad. Then & there I determined that he must not only practice but also become MD Chapter Chief.

I still had very little faith, but fairly strong practice and I really enjoyed Buddhist study. Soon I was able to pray more strongly for my member’s happiness. I realized that a good home visit was one, where I came back encouraged. My shakubukus taught me more about Buddhism than anyone else. The concepts of Esho Funi and Ichinen Sanzen had a very deep impact on me. I stopped blaming my parents, the fact that I was married, & my work environment for my failure.

In “On Attaining Buddhahood In This Lifetime” I read, “Your practice of the Buddhist teachings will not relieve you of the suffering of birth and death in the least unless you perceive the true nature of your life.”

I tried to perceive the true nature of my life & found a very weak person; selfish, pessimistic & arrogant. So I picked up my prayers beads & got to work on my Human Revolution.

Sensei says: “You must be strong. There is no hope of winning in this chaotic world if you are weak.

I noticed a very strange thing……the more my members began to trust me, the more I was trusted at my work place with bigger & better work.

I began to feel great pride in my practice. I realized that perhaps the only thing special about me was my faith!

Around this time last year I had a few films on hand, but still no regular work. I was on the wait list for the AGM here in Delhi, when I was offered a regular part on a hit T.V. serial. Suddenly I was also confirmed for the General Meeting. The dates clashed. Much to the producer’s dismay, I joyfully turned the T.V. serial down & landed up for the General Meeting. On my return to Bombay I got a very prominent part in another very huge serial, which turned out to be bigger than the one I had refused. My work karma finally changed with the General Meeting. All of last year I have been extremely busy & now am in a position to choose what work to do & what not.

I am gaining regard & praise as an actor in the theater, television & film & as a result of which, I am now doing 3 mega serials and a few films – blocked for 22 to 25 days of shooting each month. And in each piece of work there are quite a few cases of advance shakubuku.

My husband by the way, though not MD Chapter Chief yet has become very regular with Gongyo & daimoku; attends NHR study meeting & to my utter disbelief has started taking guidance. He has just become a full-fledged commander with AIR INDIA and freely admits that Gongyo & daimoku helped him tremendously during his tough training. Together we have shakubukued 2 of his other pilot friends, thus opening up the International skies for Kosen-rufu.

I now determine, every single member in my district will become a strong, caring & capable leader & the district will soon become a chapter.

I determine to selflessly work towards the formation of the performing arts division in Mumbai & towards this, forge a character devoid of meanness & arrogance. I will continue to shakubuku outstanding individuals & do great work in Indian & International Cinema & make Sensei proud!!


Nazish Rahman said...

Nice post.. Buddhism to me is a way of life and should b followed not only for the purpose of attaining peace not no material in return. Its all in the mind actually that one thinks that by doing so one has achieved what i think is that whatever the human mind can conceive, it can achieve.

I have been to Buddhist Monastery and its all about peace that i found there. I even attended their sessions and was a good experience.

Ya thats true one has to b strong enough to face all the difficult situations that arise in life as thats how your character is built. If u have not faced any problem and not tackled it yourself believe me u'll end up being an empty vessel.

chhavi said...

Yeah and in addition these problem may teach us something but Why exactly they are here for -will be attained only via Buddhism.You can see things in black and white

Nazish Rahman said...

I agree to certain points and disagree on certain points too as ya these problems will teach us something as use a problem when leaves us the way it found us, so changes are bound to happen. Now if its a negative or positive change that depends upon the individual as how he took the problem. I dont agree that its only through Buddhism it can b what i think its one of the channels that help u in understanding the message as there are many other channels also available, all it depends how much u believe in that...its all what the human mind can conceive...its all about mental strength.

chhavi said...

Hey I never said its only with help of Buddhism..its a way by which I can improve upon myself

Nazish Rahman said...

lol...i know ya...but what i meant was that these are secondary things as they just support u until n unless u want them to support u...see Chhavi its all in our minds as if we want to see the glass as half empty or half full. What i mean is one has to b strong from his mindset....i hope u got me now!!!

lolz!!! take care

chhavi said...

Ahh well what you saying is what everyone says and what I feel only the one into the practice can know
So its offense and I respect what you are saying

Nazish Rahman said...

follow whatever your heart says and what makes u feel comfortable as ultimately its that what matters...b happy n spread happiness thats whats on this i think u'll agree!!!

chhavi said...

yes I do

subbu said...

oh i just love her. she is so beautiful.
can i add your blog.
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