Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sensei-Thank you!!!..Tisca Chopra's experience

Name : Tisca Chopra
Occupation: Actor

Good morning. I am Tisca Chopra, WD district chief from Andheri chapter Mumbai. I have been practicing for seven years. At that time, when my seniors told me that all prayers are answered in 7 years………I laughed, but as you can see they were right. I am here to report victory in all departments in this year of TOTAL SOKA VICTORY!! I was a failure as a film actor suffering from pessimism and depression, acute fears and doubts; I found it hard to believe any of the positive, hope filled things my seniors said. But I read all the Buddhist books I could lay my hands on, day & night and attended all possible meetings because I had nothing else to do. I was out of work and had no hope of finding any. In fact, I got into the habit of getting chucked out of projects. My husband and friends would often remark on how unlucky I was.

Slowly, I saw changes in my environment, small bits & pieces of work started trickling in and I noticed that I was getting an opportunity to become a better actress. I still really didn’t believe that this was the result of my practice, but I continued anyway.

Strangely enough I was made group chief and then block chief……I found it very hard to chant for others. Often I would quickly pray for my members and finish it off and then get to the fun part of long and fulfilling prayers for myself.

I felt like a total fraud at group and block meetings, living in fear that my members would find out that I was just talking the talk but couldn’t walk the walk.

On the home front, my husband would get a laugh out of my practice. He called it cult and a fad. Then & there I determined that he must not only practice but also become MD Chapter Chief.

I still had very little faith, but fairly strong practice and I really enjoyed Buddhist study. Soon I was able to pray more strongly for my member’s happiness. I realized that a good home visit was one, where I came back encouraged. My shakubukus taught me more about Buddhism than anyone else. The concepts of Esho Funi and Ichinen Sanzen had a very deep impact on me. I stopped blaming my parents, the fact that I was married, & my work environment for my failure.

In “On Attaining Buddhahood In This Lifetime” I read, “Your practice of the Buddhist teachings will not relieve you of the suffering of birth and death in the least unless you perceive the true nature of your life.”

I tried to perceive the true nature of my life & found a very weak person; selfish, pessimistic & arrogant. So I picked up my prayers beads & got to work on my Human Revolution.

Sensei says: “You must be strong. There is no hope of winning in this chaotic world if you are weak.

I noticed a very strange thing……the more my members began to trust me, the more I was trusted at my work place with bigger & better work.

I began to feel great pride in my practice. I realized that perhaps the only thing special about me was my faith!

Around this time last year I had a few films on hand, but still no regular work. I was on the wait list for the AGM here in Delhi, when I was offered a regular part on a hit T.V. serial. Suddenly I was also confirmed for the General Meeting. The dates clashed. Much to the producer’s dismay, I joyfully turned the T.V. serial down & landed up for the General Meeting. On my return to Bombay I got a very prominent part in another very huge serial, which turned out to be bigger than the one I had refused. My work karma finally changed with the General Meeting. All of last year I have been extremely busy & now am in a position to choose what work to do & what not.

I am gaining regard & praise as an actor in the theater, television & film & as a result of which, I am now doing 3 mega serials and a few films – blocked for 22 to 25 days of shooting each month. And in each piece of work there are quite a few cases of advance shakubuku.

My husband by the way, though not MD Chapter Chief yet has become very regular with Gongyo & daimoku; attends NHR study meeting & to my utter disbelief has started taking guidance. He has just become a full-fledged commander with AIR INDIA and freely admits that Gongyo & daimoku helped him tremendously during his tough training. Together we have shakubukued 2 of his other pilot friends, thus opening up the International skies for Kosen-rufu.

I now determine, every single member in my district will become a strong, caring & capable leader & the district will soon become a chapter.

I determine to selflessly work towards the formation of the performing arts division in Mumbai & towards this, forge a character devoid of meanness & arrogance. I will continue to shakubuku outstanding individuals & do great work in Indian & International Cinema & make Sensei proud!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Well come to think of being single..there are many benefits like
*You no longer have to miss your favourite TV serial if he calls.
*You no longer have to wait for calls.
*You can go out with your girl friends as much as you want without lying that you are unwell or something
*You can flirt with anyone and everyone now.
*You don't have to respect someone just because they are his parents.(even when you know they are not worthy of your respect)
*You no longer have to watch his "choice" movie.
*You can wear anything and not be answerable.
*You don't have to flatter anyone and say he is best looking(when you know there are better options available-Damn now we are speaking)
*You don't have to sacrifice your work anymore.You can be focused and at the same time be happy.
*You can shop as much as you want without being nagged HOW GIRLY YOU ARE!!
*You don't have to waste your money in buying expensive gifts for him.And still explain-Honey money is not what matters between us.(hell yeah damn my money,I spend that all on gifts )No longer though
*You no longer have to get into WHO IS MORE IMPORTANT game.(your mom or me,your bro or me)Crap!!!
*You no longer have to tell what kind of friends you have.
*You don't have to like or pretend you like his LOSER friend.(eewwweee!!!)
*You can read as many novels you want to.Can sleep late night reading your favourite book without being bothered and getting into the game-WHO IS MORE IMPORTANT.
*You will no longer be categorized because of what kind of food you eat or what living habits you have.In all total freedom.
*Weekends now means-Rest,sleep and eat.