Saturday, May 12, 2007


Alone and silent, I m scared to reach to edge
I know its new wave and I have to join it
Bt every step makes me close to the past.
This time I m on hold, I wanna be safe.
Hold on to strong strain, I want it to go off
Every wave touch the block to wipe its embark
I m scared to admit but I wanna lose free
Fall on uncertainty just like free fall on bed of roses
Waves link the sound of freedom
Get up because there are million slips between lips and cup
I have reached the half and remember the quarter
I feel the fresh bud that is full of life and learning
But with the blink of eye I feel the baggage at the back of BACK
Its no longer the same reliable stand
Impeccable is the word of dreams bt…..
Life goes on,its time to cross the half
Bt…..Alone and silent, I m scared to reach to edge


Hitesh said...

aah..u have d copy rights of ths poem...i jst loved it !! it ws al soo damn true...!!

Aditya said...

great poem