Sunday, May 13, 2007

I was born for the day

Hard day with loose head I left my work
To my luck it was pelting of water outside
Raring for the umbrella in my bag
There was nothing but a broken collapsible shelter
Biting my anger I dealt the welter
Reaching the foyer, my car broke down
It was something in air that made me reflect the sound
I planned to go without my kite
Tempted to take the weather’s bite

Beautiful colors of rainbow came to escort me
Crossing the empty road under my umbrella
I didn’t realize that was the day I will find her

Salvage my papers in my udder
I was cursing the drops reaching my pectus
Not even a single hack around
Just the drops that came rushing from the ground
I held my hand out to wave
And there was a wedge that hit my back
I looked back and coldcock on the sack
She was over me with her heavy cage
Pale,pink,pure,perfect,parrot words came to my sage
I have never seen someone like that angel
Lost in her eyes I couldn’t hear any tangle
Our eyes met that I can’t forget
Rain drops covering her face
She murmured something that was haze
But at last the silence brakes

Eeehoooo eeeeehooo heard my ears
It was the parrot in the cage, roaring like bear
She contrite for the last ray
She had different fragrance, I can never forgot
I don’t remember where she left in that rain
I stood there still begging my fate
But She has left and I can’t meet her again
Recalling it I reached my manse

Beautiful colors of rainbow came to escort me
Crossing the empty road under my umbrella
I didn’t realize that was the day I will find her


RuCk FuLeZZ said...

Hey Nish here..
Grr8 words frm ya...
Rock on Gurl.
hey btw..even i wrote smthng check out my blog.

AADITYA said...

gr8 chavvi....
now we have someone to share...
ALL that IS

SaurabhU said...

Empathically beautiful.
Hope ur search Gets over soon.

Leena said...

hey read ur blog....
m really not in2 dis kinda stuff l'il difficult to undrstand it in totality...but sm lines were amazing 1z....

Suraj said...

red is black n yellow is white....but u decide wts right n wts an illusion.....
nice poem i cn relate to....rain hd great connection in my love story too....n evn i hd no idea where she n its dimensions....phewww

mak said...

nice blog mate...
good to know dat u come up with pieces with da frequency u do...
keep it up mate...nice to see smone working at smthing they're good at...

ZEST ... for...Lyf said...

hmm.... wat to say...i dnt read blogs to i think frm nw i shud.... gud wrk!!!

sanjul gupta said...

this is the most beautiful rain i have ever felt in my life
checkout my blog at

Geetanjali said...

good yaar..

'j' said...

hey nice one... i could picture the entire thing..

liveontwolegs said...

I must say, there's skill and there's potential as well. What I would suggest is to improve on grammar and reference to context. I hope you take this as constructive criticism.



soumya said...

this one pretty nice. it really is