Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am happy I am alive

I am happy I am alive
I can realize the importance of my life
Its never too late to connect to the vibe
I was lost some where in that night

I am happy I am alive
I made many mistakes and I am here
They could not see but it was layer over layer
Thanks for all the care

I am happy I am alive
I saw no one but the dark
I held no one but the marks
I leaner ed it was not an art

I am happy I am alive
My dreams were never this colorful
My sleep was never this peaceful
My life was never this meaningful

I am happy I am alive
I am close to the inner bliss
I am more like a careless dally
Soul also smile,I learned

I am happy I am alive


Rahul Sharma said...
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Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

nice-1.. add some line from my side.. i m not a poet..i m techie kindda man.. i m just giving you some idea..
"i am happy with my loneliness.. i like to njoy my isolation .. so i am happy in isolation " i think u got the idea.. u can add this thought on ur blog

ruckfules said...

jus read the latest one.....
too many "I" makes u mean......try "we" in da nxt one....

placebo said...

amazing, keep it up.....

Prikshit said...

really liked the poem,u write well.

Ankit said...

the content was gr8.....but was not rhyming well when read..

keep going!

Ankit said...
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Ankit said...

check mine in ur leisure...start from 5th post as i hve not posted lately

chirag iam the confidence guy said...

great poems

i like the newest of them
i also write poems but they are in hindi

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visit and see my poems

charan said...

..and i am happy i am reading ur poems...hello..i've been following ur poems lately and i really think you haf put some good thought to pen des poems down...i enjoyed it...keep up da good job. bye!


that strikes a chord
good one...

ALOO said...

nice one

zoram said...

really nice:) y don't u put a sharing mechanism like Tell-a-Friend so that visitor like us can easily share it with our frens thru mails,blogs,IMs,orkut,facebook, etc.U can register in n make us share ur poems with our frens i.e.if u r willing to :)

Akhil.... said...

nice poem chhavi.....u r a teacher and teachers can never be erratic.

keep writing...

chirag said...

nice yaar nice lines
keep writing
iam also write poems but in hindi

you can see my blog at this address:-

my second blog " see my words " is my poem blog and above blog "iamhere.." is the general blog in which i put my daily life things