Friday, May 22, 2009

Craziness is mounting

Well yes its been long that I blogged.But I am very happy to report that my craziness for paper art is mounting and I have received some offers and will tell you in detail once everything finalises.

But this post is dedicated to all the people who encouraged me to take my paper madness seriously!!!

Thank you guys!!!

I wish you all,all the happiness in the world


Igniz said...

hey, i really like those 'paper' story books you made! so nice:)

and goodluck with the offer:)

Aparna said...

If you ever start any classes, I am signing up.

Nazish Rahman said...

hey hii chhavi.... after a long time, all the best ya!!!

chhavi said...

yeah thank you guys..
wait for the latest work ..i am sure you all will like it

ivy_^^ said...

some of ur work is brilliant :)
how do u plan to market it though?

chhavi said...

currently i am not planning to start my business but waiting for offers!