Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bride Wars!!!!!!!!

This movie is about two friends. Thy had same dream to marry at a mansion in the month of June. how things go wrong and they have to marry on the same day! no one is ready to compromise and cancel the date. its a fun movie to watch as we gals can easily relate to our shopping trips, discussion about guys, marriage. how we save to fulfil one wish! our love and gratitude towards each other. After i saw the movie I called up my best friend and in fact i wish we saw it together.
Its a fun on drama and masti. especially when these two fight against each other. how they being best friends know the weaknesses of the other and pick on each other.
It has some really amazing moments. to begin with, the role play of groom and bride in childhood, after the gals grow up,they go for jogs. which all of us do with our friends and prefer friends over ipod,shopping. there are times we buy gifts for each other and end up lying and giving{this doesnt fits me}
Also when we plan to get married, we take minimum advices from our grooms. even if we take, its to keep them happy.
We love to shop for your trousseau and plan everything ourself.
Our best friend know what kind of person we are. She even know when we need her the most. there are times when even our boy friend can't console us. its just our best friend who we need at that time.
the story makes you value your best friend and also realise what mistakes me make when we become selfish.
From my side-All stars to this movie to make me feel nostalgic and call my old and oldest friends and get in touch!
So people! do watch the movie!


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