Saturday, November 28, 2009

Border of the week


Glitter Birdie said...

Hey Chavi,

You have awesome talent in paper crafts..Keep it up. Read about an exhibition in your post. Is it in Delhi itself? If so, where in Delhi?

If you dont mind, can I give you a suggestion regarding the photos of your cards n creations? I think the lighting arrangement in your craft room/studio is not doing justice to the beautiful stuff. You can try photographing them in natural day light, probably from the window or something. This would enhance the actual colours of your products and bring out their actual beauty.

I hope you will not misunderstand this suggestion.

love n luck..

chhavi said...

Thanks for ur wonderfull suggestion.Ofcourse I am happy to know that you are taking initiative in my art!!
My exhibition is in British High commission Residence on @ december

nikitaarts said...

amazing chhavi...:) all the very best for ur exhibition :).... loved all ur cards.... especialy ur happy b'day stamp stamp

chhavi said...

Thanks niti...i need all the blessings :)

lucy said...

Lovely cards , All the very best for your Exhibition.

lucy said...
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