Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tried embossing!

I will be adding the ribbon to the tag!!
I m not liking the card tho but thought of sharing!I have not pasted the butterflies yet.Advise me !


Spardha said...

keep the colour coo to just the three colours.. u cn remove the flowers and punch out a lotta butterflies and stick them in a large group or a line on the embossed paper.. the embossing! :)

Smita said...

Nice work, Chhavi... I just read your post about Itsy Bitsy and the Cuttlebug ;-) I have also been sending them repeat requests about it... I'll be glad if they finally decide to stock it :-)


chhavi said...

@ Spardha-thnks for advice sweety.have pasted the flowers already so what I am thinking to do is.I will remove the butterfly as they are yet to paste and horzontally add the ribbon with knot and remove the tag as well.What do u say?

@Smita-I am so happy to know u are one of the reason of the cuttlebug coming to India.Thank u!