Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I was alone in the quater
Never gathered courage to think to reach to the half
Sudden gale blew and changed the water
It added waves and rush
So much so that never expected draped in predicament changed into caprice
It was envitable and I strooled across the quater
Omen,Omen,Omen,each wave succumbed
But it will be biddable said my mind
It wwas impeccable and I was imbued by the rush
Rambling,fraternising,there was nothing to hide
Doleful feelings left aside
With every torrent solitude was no longer a deal
My life was running on the fastest wheel
And i forgot to remove braon from the flour
I knw that was the dolt act of that hour
For which i got the hardest vengeance
Fallacy captured my shade
Leaving me amd the gloom without hinderance

I was alone in the quater
Never gathred courage to think to reach to the half


kaina said...

hi dear
have u really written these poems urself?
i mean they are terriffic

by the way i liked the page itself
the background and all
very trully girlish

hitesh arora said...

really tocuhd ma heart..awesum !!